iPhone Desk Dock

This was something I'd wanted for a while, but never had the funds to buy one already made. So I took it upon myself to “just build it, it can't be that hard.” And it wasn't; it was actually pretty easy to make. After I found a scrap piece that had no knots or major flaws, I measured and marked approximately the size of the block, the depth and thickness of the groove, and the angle.

Now I say it was pretty easy, but man, was it cold out yesterday. About ten minutes in, I couldn't feel my fingers. In order to make the angled dado cut, I had to remove the blade guide from my table saw; I didn't know if it was bolted somewhere, or if it slid out of place. Turns out there's a lever I kept tightening and loosening until I realized—yes, it just slides down out, of the way.

Once I got that out of the way, I was able to find the angle I thought looked good, 15 degrees. My first attempt didn't work out because I just eyeballed the thickness of my phone and the cutout ended up being too wide. Second attempt, same thing. So I then used two paint stir scraps, clamped to my table saw fence, as a gauge for my cutout zone. Third attempt was a success.

I then shaved about a third off the front top to match the angle of the phone slot. It definitely made it seem more like a “finished” piece. Then, I cut out a slot for the charger to feed through the bottom back. I didn't have my drill with me, so I had to wait to drill the vertical hole for the charger.

With nothing left to tweak on it, I sanded with 80, then 220, and finished with a light coat of satin poly.

Finished Look
Back of the dock.
Yeah, a pretty bad glue job.
Underside of the dock.
Yep, there's a chip now :(

Already thinking of what improvements to make, so there will be a version 2 sometime in the future.

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